Andrew Mitchell heads up our internship programme which we do in partnership with Pathways Bible and Mission College. Our internships can be either a one year or two year programme. Each year involves an approximate mix of 50% study and 50% ministry. These course are classed as full time requiring at least a 30 hour a week commitment.The first year is either a Diploma in Christian Studies or a Diploma in Christian Ministry and the second year is a Diploma in Christian Leadership. These are NCEA accredited courses at level 5 and 6 respectively. Pathways is well recognised as a theological institution so courses can be cross credited with other theological institutions such as Carey.

Since 2015 Church on Vogel has had 15 Interns.  Ministry hours can be spent in any number of ministry areas and are tailor made to each student. Typically interns are in their late teens and twenty’s there are many exceptions to this rule. I did a Pathways internship in my mid-40s. It was through Pathways that my wife and I are now Pastoring at Church on Vogel. Our Young Adults Pastor, Jamie also did 1st year Pathways and then went on to do further study through Carey before being hired by the church.

Pathways internships are highly challenging and can be life changing:

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