COV Girls Rally

Girls Rally at Church on Vogel is a wonderful opportunity for girls in our community to get together for a couple of hours of fun, activities and learning. Our nights run bi-weekly during term time from 6pm until 8pm and are open to all girls between the ages of 7 and 12.

A typical Girls Rally Night starts off with a yummy dinner shared together. We follow this with games in the hall (a great opportunity for lots of fun and laughter) and then a craft or a cooking activity. We also take a bit of time to get into smaller groups to share about God and His story, with space for lots of questions, and to develop closer friendships with one another.

We warmly welcome all girls aged 7 through to 12 and look forward to hanging out with you at COV Girls Rally.

Janina Mestyanek – Phone 022 324 8184