Reading through Galatians I was struck by what I saw in chapter 4 in this morning’s reading. It is a fascinating thing to me that you can read a passage many times and not be particularly moved or challenged or excited but then there will be a time when you read it and the Holy Spirit really lights it up for you. And so this morning I read this passage which says: “But when the fullness of time came, God sent forth His Son, born of a woman, born under the Law, so that He might redeem those who were under the Law, that we might receive the adoption as sons.” (Gal. 4:4,5)

 I often thank God for His might, His power, His awesomeness in creating the whole universe. How He put all the stars and planets in their perfect place. How He made this beautiful planet earth with its profuse life in all its variety and complexity. What a mighty God! And yet this same God is the One who sent His Son to this earth, at just the right time, born in the most humble of circumstances, to redeem those who were slaves to sin and unrighteous acts. Not only that but we are loved so much that we who give our lives to Christ are adopted as sons (and daughters) into His family.
 Just think about it for a moment; The Lord Jesus Christ gave up His perfect home in heaven and came to live on this earth for 33 years in the midst of the sin and degradation of the people He created, people who, in the end, mocked Him, beat Him and hung Him on a cross to die a criminals death! I find that astonishing, even after being a believer for 31 years. I also find it astonishing that this amazing sacrifice for our sakes, because of His love for us, means that I am adopted into the family of God permanently. But I believe it by faith. Wow! what a God!
 What does this mean for us; what is our responsibility? We are to live as servants of Jesus Christ. We are not our own. As children of God We belong to Him now, not the world and the devil. Our priorities should be different, our attitudes to others should be different, we are to be known for our love of others and our good works, not as an attempt to gain salvation but as a result of it.
 This decaying, sin sick world we live in needs true born again believers more than ever to show the light of the gospel and the love of this amazing God. What a wonderful thing it would be if many, many more people would understand that there is a God who offers fulness of life and that we need not fear plagues or wars or famines because He offers us an eternal home where those things don’t exist.
 I hope you are blessed by these thoughts as I have been.