An Impossible Ascent:

Have you ever asked these questions:

O Lord, who shall sojourn in your tent?

Who shall dwell on your holy hill? ~ PSALM 15:1

NO…? Ok, you may not have used those words, but you might have asked:

O Lord, who can come into your presence?

What is the way to heaven, and how do I get there?


God’s answer: 

“He who walks blamelessly and does what is right

and speaks truth in his heart;

who does not slander with his tongue

and does no evil to his neighbour,

nor takes up a reproach against his friend;

in whose eyes a vile person is despised,

but who honours those who fear the Lord;

who swears to his own hurt and does not change;

who does not put out his money at interest

and does not take a bribe against the innocent.

He who does these things shall never be moved.” ~ PSALM 15:2-5


This passage is beautiful to read and ponder, YET, it really is meant to lead us to our knees. If we are honest with ourselves as we read this Psalm, we answer: “I cannot make it there! I cannot keep all these good and holy commands! I cannot keep even the first demand to walk blamelessly!” How often have we actually walked blamelessly?


We should then be led to ask, “what hope is there of coming to God? Who can save us and bring us up God’s holy hill?” 

Answer: The only One who kept all of God’s commandments and did so perfectly! The only One who walked blamelessly, every day of His life. He would take your place at the bottom of the mountain, on that cross, that you might ascend to God. 

It is Christ who bore our weight of sin, which once banished us from God’s holy mountain. 

It is Christ who kept the law of God on our behalf. 


Think of Christ; He reads this Psalm and says “it is finished! I have lived blamelessly, I have taken man’s sin, and I have overcome the grave; I can ascend the hill!”


The beautiful truth is that Christ fulfils Psalm 15, and then invites us to come up God’s holy hill with him. He says; “here, take my garments of righteousness. Come up here with me, for I have removed your filthy rags. Come up here, to my Father. IN ME you are without spot or blemish. BECAUSE OF ME you are accepted.”


And lastly, being freed from having to keep the law of God to earn acceptance into God’s presence, or merit our entrance into heaven, we are exhorted to joyfully go about keeping God’s law. 

Having been set free from our sin, united to Christ and empowered by the Spirit we can now please God by doing good works in gratitude. What God has done for us, is what ought to motive what we do for Him in response. And now, as we seek to walk blamelessly, we will find that our holy living brings us true happiness, it brings the world much help, and it brings God great honour.


Let us always meditate on the work of Christ; that we will enjoy an eternity of delight with God because of what Christ has accomplished for us!